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“See You in the Fog” is set at a summer night rave in a forest outside of Stockholm. It is referencing the teenage fear of not fitting into an adult world, and their attempts to adapt and finding out who they are. The results are silhouettes that are glamorous and fabulous and celebrating individuality and self-love. It deals with a world of opposing contrasts, where natural rawness meets artificiality, tradition juxtaposes new social norms and trash left at a party contrasts new ways of preserving nature. The colour scheme is taken from Swedish summer nights, when it’s never really dark and the sunsets and sunrises dominate the night sky. I’ve put this in contrast with the harsh colours of strobe lights reflecting on the otherwise mild and natural palette of the forest.

Eventually, the collection is celebratory of personal exploration and free self-definition. Another important point to be made, is about preserving nature whilst enjoying it. A downside of forest raves is the damage it inflicts on local nature, and as a reaction, the pieces have been made as resourcefully and environmentally friendly as possible, whilst still keeping it glamorous. Dead-stock fabrics and leftover materials are at the core of this collection, which have been up-cycled and complemented to reach a fabulous result.

The collection also features the exclusive collaboration with Belgian accessories brand KOMONO, with whom a range of limited edition eyewear was created, with inspiration from sun rays peeking through a birch forest lit up by strobe lights.

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