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Conventional exclusivity and luxury targeting a homogenous upper class is passé. Instead, a glamorous merge between underground rave culture and conservative garden parties, luxury resorts and private clubs fill these secluded spaces with the life and social awareness they so desperately need. This collection pushes gender-nonconforming individuals and youth into these sceneries, where they claim their space unapologetically. 


"Rave New World" redefines what luxury means in the modern age, where an endless abuse of mother nature’s resources are made more and more unforgivable. As a response to a traditional view of glamour, this collection is made entirely out of dead-stock, recycled or low emission materials. For example, printed headscarves crafted out of recycled plastic bottles replace the traditional silk twill, and leftover buttons are mismatched resulting in a luxurious spectrum of materials. A top made out of exclusive lace leftovers crocheted together proves another redefinition of luxury, where a seemingly unplanned result is achieved by days of handicraft.

The collection also features a knitwear collaboration with The Guestlist – a newly found platform for sustainable yet luxurious knitwear. This capsule collection has come to life with support from the Woolmark Company, Südwolle Group, Peterseim Strickwaren and Karim Guest. It features three styles in two colourways, which are also taking inspiration from merging tradition and experience with a fresh perspective on fashion and society. The pieces are already available to pre-order at in order to stay way from overproduction, and the pieces will be shipped directly from the factory in Thuringia in Germany to the customer to reduce transportation.

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